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  • "Historically, custom suits have been the sole purview of the wealthy and glamorous (Marlon Brando), and the wealthy and freakishly disproportionate (Shaq, Marlon Brando). Bringing bespoke to the everyman: Indochino."

  • "That's the sweet spot for this company: when you get your sizing squared away and find your best fit, the price point takes over. Once you know it's going to fit, or you can make it fit at no additional cost, the prospect of building a wardrobe of customized clothing is eminently affordable."

  • "While made-to-order clothing can lean on the pricey side, we came across a slick, yet wallet savvy bespoke brand called Indochino. No doubt, this amazing - and affordable - personalized suit maker will leave SF gentlemen in a fashionable tizzy."

  • "This suit gets it all right. Especially the perfectly placed armholes and minimal shoulder padding. I could throw a curve ball in this thing and not tug at the torso."

  • "Normally reserved for men with well-endowed, ahem, wallets, bespoke suiting is nothing new to our readers. What is is new, however, is an offering of bespoke suits at such incredible prices."

  • "That's right, no matter where you are, you can expect your suit to arrive in about a weeks time, 2 weeks max."

  • "It is by far the BEST fitting suit in my arsenal. No tugging, no tightness, yet everything lays perfectly on my body."

In The Press

  • Does Savile Row needs disrupting? The guys behind Indochino think so, devising an web-based tailoring service that will deliver a bespoke suit to you in two weeks.

    - The Guardian
  • You can also customize your suit with your choice of pockets, vents, buttons, stitching and lapels[...] Surprisingly, it's relatively inexpensive.

    - Fast Company
  • One of "America's Most Promising Startups"

    - Businessweek

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I'd just like to let you, and everyone at Indochino, know that my new suit from Indochino is, without a doubt, my best fitting suit.

    - Carmine
  • The craftsmanship, quality and fit absolutely blew my expectations away. I've never looked so good in a suit (especially at this price!).

    - Jon
  • Incredible! I ordered my suit 8 days ago in Vancouver, Canada and I just received it today.

    - Henry
  • I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been ordering my suit from you. The customer service was superb and my suit arrived swiftly.

    - Mike