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1 button notch 1 button notch 1 button peak pocket flaps no pocket flaps
  • Peak Lapels
  • Notch Lapels
  • Slim Notch Lapels
  • One Button
  • Two Buttons
  • Three Buttons
  • Double Breasted
  • Pocket Flaps
  • No Pocket Flaps
  • Slanted Flaps
  • Slanted No Flaps
  • The Classic - Notch Lapel with Two Buttons
  • Contemporary - Slim Notch Lapel and One Button
  • Fashion Forward - Peak Lapel and Double Breasted

The Choices are Yours

Our unique customization process allows you to choose the exact customizations you want for your suit. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels, you say how you want it and that’s how we will build it.

Endless Options

All our customization options are complimentary and included in the price of your suit. Personalize your purchase down to the very last detail so you get the exact garment you want.

All In
The Details

Lining Color

Bemberg Gray

Jacket Color


Bemberg Linings

Some of the most sought after linings in the industry, Japanese Bemberg linings are now available on all of our premium suits. Made from natural cotton these linings are breathable, durable, and able to draw sweat away from the body.

Add A Personal Touch

Craft a unique personal message and we will monogram it on the inside of any jacket or blazer. Have fun with your message and make your suit truly one of a kind.

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Once you start wearing custom-made,
it's hard to go back to off-the-rack.