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In order to make the best garments possible, Indochino uses your body measurements to create a completely custom suit that's meant to fit. We guide you through our online measurement process step-by-step with easy to follow videos. It only takes 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your own home. You don't need a tailor, only a good friend. Don't have a tape measure? Get one here.

You'll be prompted to get measured once you're ready to checkout — after choosing from a full selection of suits, shirts and outerwear and customizing the details to match your style.

Once your order is placed, one of our Master Tailors will take your body measurements and create a custom pattern just for you. This is a one time process, but you can always refine your garment measurements later on.

Related Questions

How are the measurements I submit online used to create my Indochino custom suit?

The measurements that you submit via the self-measurement process are not your final garment measurements, but used as a base to guide us in creating your great fitting suit. At Indochino, your suit goes through a 3 step measurement review process to ensure ideal fit:

  1. You measure yourself using our videos as a guide.
  2. Our team may adjust your measurements based on the cut standards for someone your weight and height.
  3. An Indochino Master Tailor then further refines your measurements based on his years of experience hand cutting suits.
Do I need a Tailor to take my Measurements?

No. Indochino's measuring process was designed so anyone can measure themselves with the help of a friend in 10 minutes. We find the best success comes from not using a tailor as our measurement system is unique and created for easy at-home use.

How can I get a tape measure?

Get an Indochino Tape Measure here.

Can I base my measurements on a well fitting suit that I own?

Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measurements used for other clothing brands. All Indochino orders are custom tailored to match your physical measurement profile, and for this reason we are unable to accept measurements from any garments that you own from another manufacturer.

Can I use measurements taken by my tailor?

We prefer you use our easy-to-follow Get Measured process. Our measuring methods are unique to us and differ from the measuring methods used at a traditional tailor. If a tailor measures you the way that suits his tailoring style, it may cause discrepancies and ill-fitting garments. If you still prefer to visit a tailor to be measured, please download this Tailor's Form to limit any issues.

I want to change measurements on my current order, is this possible?

Depending on the stage of your order, Indochino can adjust as desired. If your order status in your Account is 'Processing' you can update your profile online and it will be used in the current order. All orders are given a 24 hour grace period to make changes to the measurements.

If the order is marked 'Sent to Tailor' or 'Delivered' your measurement profile is locked and unable to be adjusted. This is done to ensure our tailors produce your suit properly and it is delivered to you in a timely fashion.

Upon receipt of your order, you are very much encouraged to take advantage of Indochino's industry-leading Perfect Fit Promise.

I am not skinny like the models in the photos, will Indochino suits and apparel still fit me?

Indochino suits are 100% custom made specifically to your measurement profile. No matter what your size or body type, our suits are built to flatter. Upon receipt of your order, we encourage you to take advantage of our industry leading 100% Perfect Fit Promise to ensure your suit fits exactly the way you want.

Can your suits be custom made for big guys or even for children?

Indochino customers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. All our products are hand tailored according to your submitted measurements, so there are no limitations with regards to large or small measurements.

Upon ordering for a child, please email us your order # and let us know that the suit is for a child so that we can pass this information along to our tailor.

Can I manage multiple measurements from one account?

Currently an Indochino client can only have one set of measurements for each garment type (i.e. 1 suit measurement, 1 shirt measurement, etc.) in one profile. If you wish to have multiple suit profiles, you will need to create a second account with another email address.

Why are my measurements locked?

Once you have ordered a garment from us, we lock your measurements to ensure great fitting apparel for future orders.

If the need arises, however, we would be happy to change your measurements. Please email us and specify how many inches you would like to add or reduce the measurements based on the last items you received. For example: Jacket Length: +1.25", Pants Hips: -.75".

Please include your reason for changing your measurements.