We partner with one of the world’s largest suit manufacturers, Dayang Group. Every garment produced by INDOCHINO is made in Dayang’s factory in Dalian, China, which is held to the highest production standards in the world.

Each garment is individually made according to the customer’s measurements and personalization preferences. Firstly, an algorithm validates each customer’s measurement profile and a unique pattern is created. Next, the fabric is laser cut—a state-of-the-art technique that is both efficient and less wasteful than traditional methods. Individual pieces are then sewn together before being pressed and any final customizations such as monograms are added. Finally, the garments are pressed, put through quality control, packaged, and shipped.


Our production facilities are profoundly conscious of the economic, social and environmental impact that they create within their community. Through a rigorous and varied collection of certifications from corporate responsibility commissions, we're able to continually monitor this impact and ensure it is equitable and sustainable. Our facilities are currently registered with and adhere to the standards of Dayang Certifications for Factories & Production, CQC, IQNET, IAD, CNAS, and ISO (certifications 18001, 14001, and 9001).


Made to order clothing is a much more efficient and sustainable model than ready to wear clothing for one very important reason. When creating garments that are custom made for each individual, we eliminate the production of surplus items that are disposed of at the end of a season if they're not purchased. In the rare event that we do create surplus items, we take special care to ensure they’re donated to local charities.